Intland Retina 3.2 is Now Released! Find out What’s New in this Latest Version

retina-32-featuredWe’re announcing the release of Intland Retina 3.2, the latest version of our Agile Requirements, Risk, and Test Management platform! Read on to find out what is new a noteworthy in this release, or try the new version right away.

To help users looking to update their legacy toolchains, version 3.2 brings DOORS & ReqIF support to Intland Retina. We’ve also added comment threading and other collaboration updates, improvements to Retina’s review functionality, usability enhancements, and more!

Visit our release announcement page to learn more, or read scroll down for more details. Want to see the new version in action? Join our release announcement webinar on 17 Dec!

New integration: IBM® Rational® DOORS®

DOORS is a legacy platform entrenched in the toolchains of a large portion of development teams active in the automotive, pharma, industrial automation, and other industries. With version 3.2, we’ve added a DOORS integration that lets you automatically import data from IBM® Rational® DOORS® to Intland Retina, supporting both parallel use or migration from DOORS. This way, your teams can rely on a modern toolset without disrupting their current processes: DOORS may still be used for requirements management, while your teams can rely on Retina for testing, risk management, ALM, ticketing, or other activities. Using the integration, data will be synchronized from DOORS to Retina in the background.

Exporting and importing ReqIF files

Relying on the widely used, standard Requirements Interchange Format, you can now simply export and import requirements or other work items (and their relations) to and from Intland Retina. Use filters or conditions to specify what artifacts to include in the export, then simply export your Retina workspaces using ReqIF – the data may then be simply imported to any other tool that supports the Requirements Interchange Format. Ensure interoperability with these tools by simply importing data to an existing or a new Retina workspace.

Real-time collaboration: Comment threading & Review updates

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders more efficiently than ever before! Use the updated Review Hub and brand new threaded commenting to ensure efficiency and accuracy in teamwork.

Due to system-wide threading, related comments are now bundled together, making them easier to follow. Author or edit comments conveniently, and reply to other team members’ comments, with automatic notifications sent to the author of the replied comment!

Due to significant usability updates on the Review Hub, you can now make changes to the items you’re reviewing directly in the Hub. To support FDA Title 21 CFR 11 compliance, version 3.2 now lets you add roles to e-signatures. Simplify compliance by easily exporting all e-signature data including user role, username, and timestamp in a human-readable format.

User Interface & Usability improvements

In version 3.2, we’ve significantly updated the UI of Intland Retina for improved convenience. Regular users of ticketing tools like Jira will find a familiar environment in Retina after this latest version’s updates to the way navigation and links work in the platform.

We have worked hard on making it easy to manage a large number of work items at the same time. In reports, dashboards, or the Review Hub, you’ll now find a new dialog mode that enables you to make edits to multiple items at the same time. We’ve also updated how versions are managed: when updating baselines, test runs, or items in the Review Hub, and when filtering any artifact’s history, clear notifications will call your attention to what version you’re making edits to. Want to switch to the latest version of the item? In Retina 3.2, you can do that with a single click.

To visually separate generic menu items from those specific to your workspace, horizontal and vertical menus have been revamped. By adding quick access to recently and commonly used items (Dashboard, Reviews, Workspaces, and Reports) on the top menu, we’ve greatly simplified navigation in Retina to save your teams precious time.

Interested in how these updates actually work? Check out our release announcement page, join the Retina 3.2 webinar on 17 Dec, or take the new version for a test drive!

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