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codeBeamer ALM 9.1: Smooth Collaboration and Transition from DOORS

codebeamer-91-v2Released today, codeBeamer ALM’s latest version 9.1 offers features to enhance and accelerate collaboration with internal and external stakeholders across the lifecycle. New features include merge requests on branches, advanced backlog management, refined ChatOps functionality, and a comprehensive solution to replace IBM Rational DOORS.

Read on to learn more about the new features and capabilities introduced in codeBeamer ALM 9.1!

Merge Requests for Advanced Collaboration

Branches were introduced in codeBeamer’s previous version to support product line management. With this feature, you can easily branch new development streams off the main development trunk, letting teams and suppliers work in parallel.

codeBeamer 9.1 introduces unique merge request functionality to handle the approval of work done on these branches. Essentially, this feature works very much like GitHub’s pull requests do, letting the teams doing work on branches request a merge on their developments.


Upon merging these branches, you will be prompted to granularly review and approve any and all changes on that branch before merging them to the main trunk. With merge requests, collaboration is supported using a fully controlled and transparent platform, and working with suppliers is greatly facilitated.

DOORS Replacement Solution

Users of IBM’s legacy suite will be relieved to learn about the DOORS replacement features introduced in codeBeamer ALM 9.1. IBM’s toolset is known for its limitations, but its use as a standard tool has until now prohibited its replacement by more streamlined, modern solutions. codeBeamer 9.1 removes that barrier, letting you modernize your toolchain without disrupting current processes.

DOORS Bridge, the fastest and most efficient migration/integration interface has been updated in this latest version, supporting the transition process and enabling the parallel use of DOORS and codeBeamer.

codebeamer-91-document-viewThe Bridge offers better-than-DOORS importing to allow the migration of data including OLE objects and requirements with RTF tables, history, discussions, baselines, and baseline sets. In addition to better importing, transition or parallel use is further supported by a DOORS-like document edit view with mass edit capabilities. The new document edit feature is more familiar for DOORS users, and simplifies the mass editing of parameters.

Altogether, version 9.1 greatly simplifies the transition to modern integrated ALM, while also enabling you to keep using both IBM Rational DOORS and codeBeamer ALM side by side without limitations.

Accelerated collaboration with codeBeamer ALM 9.1

With the updated Agile Release Planner, you can now prioritize work items to align your team’s understanding of value delivery. Backlogs with items numbering in the hundreds or thousands can be difficult to overview, but codeBeamer 9.1’s new planner enables you to rank items before adding them to sprints.



The new Planner enables product owners and development managers to rank and communicate priorities, aligning all team members. The Agile Release Planner greatly simplifies Agile value delivery, and enhances Value Stream Management across the lifecycle.

But it’s not the only feature to improve collaboration in your development efforts. codeBeamer ALM 9.1 also brings an updated rendition of our ChatOps offering, letting you slash the number of notification emails while enhancing transparency at the same time.

In a collaborative development environment, keeping everyone in the loop can be challenging – all those notifications e-mails aren’t doing much other than cluttering your inbox. With ChatOps, your teams will receive notifications where they can actually process them: right in their chat windows, in a way that’s easy to search and filter.

Increase transparency across your organization and in collaboration with external stakeholders. Save precious development time by sending real-time notifications that drive rather than disrupt collaboration.

codeBeamer ALM 9.1 is GDPR-ready

To facilitate compliance with the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, codeBeamer can now encrypt the data of disabled users irreversibly. Once encrypted, these users' data can not be read or made available for reading again.

Using this new version of codeBeamer ALM, you can delete work items for good even if this changes previously saved baselines. You will be notified about the risks of making this irreversible change. The ability to permanently remove work items facilitates compliance with GDPR.

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