codeBeamer ALM 10.0 is Released! See What’s New & Noteworthy

what-is-new-in-cb-10codeBeamer ALM 10.0 is here! We’re announcing the latest version of our market-leading Application Lifecycle Management platform with new and updated features & usability improvements. Read on to learn about the updates in 10.0, or try the new version right away!

Version highlights in 10.0

This new release brings a host of updates and new features. Let’s see a quick roundup of the highlights in codeBeamer ALM 10.0!

Advanced Traceability View

Using the new advanced Traceability View, you can access all the relevant data you need to continue working efficiently in a single view. Use the updated intelligent table view and traceability views to visualize parent-child relationships, and rely on filtering, tagging, and hierarchy labelling to filter out what’s irrelevant. By displaying all attributes and downstream relations including test results, you can easily gain insights into every stage of product delivery.

Cross-object Filtering

In 10.0, you can now use smart filtering queries to gain insights into ALM data. For example, you might want to find all the test cases that verify requirements that were implemented in your current release – using cross-object filtering, you can easily do that. You can now set up your own queries with smart logic to return any kind of lifecycle data.

Permanent Links

This new version greatly supports collaboration via permanent links. Using this feature, you can share a list of sorted, filtered, and grouped items including all their details exactly as they appear on your own screen. You won’t even need to save views or IM your team members to share the view – you can simply send the permanent link within codeBeamer, triggering an email notification to your team members.

codeBeamer ALM Offline Testing App

Some of our customers develop products that need to be tested in harsh environmental conditions or in isolated locations with no access to networks. They can now rely on codeBeamer’s new Offline Testing App which lets them compile test plans on their desktop computers, download test cases to a mobile device, and execute testing while disconnected. Upon reconnecting to the grid, the app can sync test results automatically.

Swagger API update

In this version, we’ve updated codeBeamer’s Swagger API to version 3. Through an improved data model, the API now supports more actions, better tracker item management, and brings further usability improvements as well. This way, you can better integrate and align your suppliers in the development process.

Tracker Item Review

The advanced approval management feature in this version lets you build approval steps in your workflows. Using this feature, you can require e-signatures complete with username, password, and role for FDA compliance – and export review all information either for individual items for your entire tracker.

Scalability and High Availability

This version comes with improved capabilities around scalability and high availability for large-scale users. By implementing horizontal scalability (running multiple nodes in parallel), you can ensure that a failing node does not affect availability for other users. High performance and availability without downtime is guaranteed for hundreds of concurrent users.

MBSE in Safety-critical Environments

For developers applying model-based systems engineering strategies in their development efforts, codeBeamer ALM 10.0 offers an updated Enterprise Architect integration. Use this integration to maintain full traceability between your models (in EA) and requirements (in codeBeamer). The integration enables automated data exchange so that your requirements, model attributes, and item relations are synchronized across the two tools.

Other updated features include enhancements to codeBeamer’s baseline management, configurable tabs for better personalization, shared attributes to support filtering, and SAML SSO for secure access to your data.

Ready to try codeBeamer ALM 10.0? Head over to our trial page. Want to learn more? Visit the release announcement page and join our webinar on 25 Mar 2020!

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