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codebeamer 21.04 is Released! Discover What is New in this Version

Starting with 21.04, codeBeamer ALM is renamed simply to codebeamer – but this latest release brings a whole lot of other improvements and new features, too! We’re introducing updates to deployment, testing, as well as configuration and branch management. Further enhancements include new reviews, integrations, and data export & import.

Read on or see the landing page to find out what is new in codebeamer 21.04, sign up for our release announcement webinar, or take the new version for a test drive right away!

codebeamer 21.04. is now released! Find out What is New

PLE Efficiency with Product Line Configuration Management

For improved Product Line Engineering efficiency, codebeamer 21.04 introduces Product Line Configuration Management. Use this feature to define working sets that provide a better overview of branches and all the work items (including requirements, risks, and test cases) that those branches include. Custom-configure views to remove distractions and let your team focus on relevant information. Inherit settings from baselined content or an existing working set to save time and effort when managing product lines. Share specifications across working sets.

Please note that Product Line Configuration Management is an optional feature that can be purchased separately – please contact us for a quote!

Improved Project Management via Configuration Data Deployment

For configuration managers working on complex products (involving multiple HW, SW, and service development streams and parallel module versions), the new Configuration Data Deployment feature is a handy one. It lets configuration managers easily deploy connected project configurations between test, production, and other systems to save arduous and error-prone manual work.

Test Management improvements for Simplified Compliance and Enhanced Usability

To simplify audits and help improve efficiency in test documentation, codebeamer 21.04 can now display metadata (user name and timestamp) for each test step executed. The definition and maintenance of test cases are also easier with this version: reusable test case pre and post-actions help you save redundant work in test management! What’s more, extended rules let you set conditions to guarantee that formal test runs only contain test cases that are approved by the appropriate team members.

Review Templates & Read-only Reviews for More Efficient Approval Management

Need to share review results with auditors, managers, or other parties? 21.04 now lets you do that without exporting! Just grant read-only access to the users, roles, or groups of your choice, enabling them to observe the approval process without enabling them to make changes.

In addition to read-only reviews, this new version also introduces Review Templates. By defining and reusing templates with those predefined rules, this feature lets you save time, effort, and reduce the risks of manual error.

Last but not least, 21.04 also introduces Review Statistics to provide an overview of review results and related comments. This feature greatly simplifies the management of formal inspection review processes.

Usability updates: Tracker View hierarchies, Wildcard filtering & more

Using codebeamer 21.04, you can very easily filter items based on references using wildcards. Using a lot of views? This latest version lets you neatly organize these into folders for easy accessibility. Better still: you can now set pre-configured views for the reference dialog, providing a clear overview of filtered items any time you’re adding references to an item. In addition, we’ve also updated the normal and Intelligent Table Views to make it easier for you to manage complex projects!

Export/import and Integration Updates for Streamlined Collaboration

This version makes it even easier to import and export data to and from codebeamer! MS Excel import mapping templates let you simplify mass import, saving you time while guaranteeing that your imports are executed accurately. When exporting Word docs using 21.04, your templates can now handle computations.

We’ve also improved our bulk update API to facilitate the synchronization of large amounts of data to codebeamer. In terms of integrations, 21.04 provides connections to a range of new tools including Ansys Medini, dSpace Synect, Piketec TPT, and SmartFacts. Version 21.04 offers lightweight integrations with the Jazz Platform (DOORS, DOORS NG, Rational Team Concert / IBM Engineering Workflow Management) and other tools like Polarion or PTC Windchill through the OSLC adapter. And finally, we’ve also enhanced existing integrations: Parasoft and the Enterprise Architect Connector.

PostgreSQL 12 porting (Beta testing phase)

While this update is currently in beta testing, we’re excited to be sharing it with you already: 21.04 introduces support for PostgreSQL! Using PostgreSQL 12, you'll be enjoying similar performance to MySQL and Oracle – but at lower costs! Our development environment is already migrated to PostgreSQL 12, and from Q3 onwards, we’ll be offering offer migration services to customers preferring PostgreSQL over MySQL or Oracle.

PostgreSQL simplifies deployment, can help lower latency times, is supported by the AWS and Azure Clouds, and offers high availability and clustering. What’s more, it’s open-source and free, and runs on both Windows and Linux!

For more information, visit the release page for codebeamer 21.04. To see these updates in action, make sure you sign up for our webinar on 26 May! Ready to start right away? Try codebeamer 21.04 free for 30 days!

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