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Challenges of Development and IT Operations in Aviation

aviationAirlines and the aviation industry as a whole are heavily reliant on large scale, robust, mission-critical applications. Fierce competition among national airlines, charter companies and cheap carriers has resulted in extreme cost reduction pressure on all areas of airline operations including IT. Although cost cutting is a must, both safety and security still remain the most important factor for the industry and must not be compromised.

The following questions have to be addressed by airline IT Managers:

  • How to stay efficient under cost pressure?
  • How to handle the priority of systems safety and performance?
  • How to manage innovation and updates to provide more advanced services onboard and on the ground?

Due to the large number of applications running at airlines, the management of change requests, bug fixing, and delivering new releases are usually top priority in aviation software development. A holistic Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system can provide full traceability on changes from definition across development all the way through to release. Adhering to standards like ITIL, ISO 27000, DO-178C, DO-254 etc support the availability, safety, security and high quality of products.

Innovation generates further challenges for aviation IT teams: the development of new features for passenger entertainment, better usability, easier access to flight information, ground services, etc.

Therefore, the use of Application Lifecycle Management tools in the aviation industry has to support:

  • Standardization and compliance with standards
  • Full traceability on developments and change requests
  • Professional release management and release maintenance
  • High-level testing and QA features
  • Innovation framework for new innovations (Demand-Requirements-Development)
  • Collaboration framework for more efficient operations

codeBeamer ALM helps you implement mature processes, and to efficiently report on the entire avionics software development lifecycle. Intland’s Avionics DO-178C & DO-254 Template comes preconfigured with artifacts, workflows, and reports to support compliance audits, and to cut development time and costs. For more information, get in touch with us or try codeBeamer ALM free of charge!