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Case Study: Veoneer Improves Automotive Safety with Codebeamer

Veoneer a tier-one automotive supplier has been a silent partner behind the world’s most advanced vehicles. Veoneer is a world leader in active safety and restraint systems, sharply focused on delivering best-in-class products and solutions to well-known automotive manufacturers. Read this case study to learn more about Veoneer’s Codebeamer journey! 

Case Study: Veoneer Improves Automotive Safety with Codebeamer

The search for a new ALM tool 

In 2018 Veoneer became a stand-alone company, and they started looking for the ALM tool that best fit their needs. They wanted to empower global teams with an all-in-one ALM solution to support best-in-class product innovation. While also meeting stringent end-to-end traceability and automotive SPICE compliance requirements. In the end, Veoneer ended up choosing Codebeamer, due to its ability to meet the automotive industry’s rigorous compliance requirements, and intuitive features.  

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Navigating Requirements in Automotive Development 

Safety in Mobility 

According to the World Health Organization, 1.3 million people's lives are cut short due to road traffic injuries yearly. The sensors developed by Veoneer can help lower these numbers. These sensors can prevent traffic accidents. If an accident is unavoidable their restraint control systems help mitigate the effects of a crash.  

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) 

Nowadays, more vehicles are being equipped with technologies to assist human drivers, and cars are increasingly connected and autonomous. One of these features is the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Its role is to prevent injuries and deaths by reducing the number of car accidents, of which 90% are caused by human error. ADAS can react faster, and provide better solutions to situations than humans can, while also taking away the unique style of driving by standardizing on a safer approach to driving.  
Veoneer’s safety portfolio includes the Veoneer ADAS Electronic Controller (ADAS ECU). They call it the “brain” of the vehicle, due to its ability to fuse data from cameras, radars, and other sensors on different levels together, and build up a map. The ADAS ECU can interpret situations faster and act right away. This could mean emergency braking, automatic lane changes, or other actions that can save lives. Because of these features with ADAS ECU driving becomes more predictable. 

Learn more about the use case of this tier-one automotive supplier and how they benefited from using integrated ALM! Find out more about Veoneer’s Codebeamer journey from our case study! 

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