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Bigfoot Biomedical Case Study: A DIY Revolution in Diabetes Care

bigfoot-biomedical-customer-case-study-v2-593-840Running a lean Agile shop, fast-growing Silicon Valley-based medtech startup Bigfoot Biomedical has to juggle compliance and high-velocity iterative development processes at the same time. Since 2016, they have been using codeBeamer ALM as a one-stop shop for all their development needs. This case study explores their process of Application Lifecycle Management evaluation, as well as the benefits Bigfoot Biomedical was able to realize using this integrated ALM platform.

A bottom-up initiative in medical technology

Bigfoot Biomedical is an innovative medical device development company with an inspiring story. In a medtech R&D sector dominated by large players, this startup was formed by professionals whose families are affected by insulin-requiring diabetes. They formed a team to deliver solutions that help take the headache out of managing diabetes.

The company is developing a connected ecosystem of medical technology that is expected to greatly reduce the burden of managing diabetes care. Their Class 3 medical device in development combines high-tech product components (a glucose monitor, an insulin pump backed by an AI-supported control algorithm, and a connected smartphone app) to reduce the cognitive, emotional, and financial burden of insulin-requiring diabetes.

To overcome the limitations of their Jama and JIRA-based toolset, Bigfoot chose to implement codeBeamer ALM in late 2016. They have been using the platform as a fully featured, integrated digital system of record to feed their QMS system, and are currently investigating ways to expand its use and leverage its value in other areas of product development.

Benefits of integrated ALM technology

As a medical device development company, Bigfoot really values codeBeamer’s ability to provide full traceability between requirements and all other artifacts including test cases along with their test results.

Having rolled out the platform independently, Bigfoot took a self-taught approach, choosing to climb the learning curve on their own. After mapping out development processes and adapting the system to their needs, the company started realizing value from their investment right away. codeBeamer ALM serves as a platform of collaboration, and provides single pane of glass access to lifecycle artifacts and processes. According to Bigfoot, codeBeamer ALM enables their development processes.

“We are pleased with the investment made, and we are pleased with the results we made from that investment. codeBeamer is not perfect, but it’s better than most systems that I have used. I’m a fan of codeBeamer ALM.”

– Alan Schachtely, Senior Director of Software Engineering, Bigfoot Biomedical

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