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German Automotive Inventions: What's the Secret to their Success?

blog-140723-german-automotiveIt’s summer time and hot. Some of us are on holiday, or are planning to go on holiday soon. The less lucky are already returning from holiday. During holidays, we tend to read articles on topics that are not strictly related to one's work.

I, for one, spent some time searching the web for more information on inventions during my recent trip. Don't ask me why... In any case, I was well aware that German manufacturers produced some great cars: high quality, reliable, beautiful vehicles. Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW are all well regarded brands worldside. Yet as I was reading about this, a question struck me.

The success of the German automotive industry is clear and well-documented. I work with a lot of clients from this sector and their proficiency in manufacturing cars doesn't cease to impress me. They are at the forefront of automotive development, be it driverless cars, entertainment or safety systems, etc.

However, I was not aware that they practically invented the car! Could this be the key to their success? Browsing this page of whoinvented.org on a beautiful summer afternoon, I felt like I finally understood the secret to German automotive success.

On this website, you'll find information about inventions of every kind, ranging from the pizza to Google, and more. Checking up on inventions related to cars, engines, etc, I found that most belong to Germany.

Just two highlights... According to the source, the first car running on gasoline was invented by Karl Benz in 1885. It received a patent in 1886. He's widely considered to be the inventor of the first car. The other person credited as the inventor is Gottlieb Daimler. However, Benz was the one who received a patent for his design of an in-built combustion flat engine car in 1896. Daimler and Benz merged their companies as Daimler-Benz, and the rest is history.

Another great inventor was Dr. Rudolf Diesel, the mechanical engineer who invented the diesel engine in 1897. Guess where he was born? Right you are, Dr. Diesel was German.

These are but a few of the many examples of early automotive success in Germany. The legacy goes on, with Germans leading the car industry worldwide. The challenge today is that the complexity of cars is growing, and innovation needs to accelerate to stay on the top changing consumer demands. The German automotive industry is growing, cars are better and smarter than ever before, and we are proud to have been a contributor to their success with our Application Lifecycle Management software solution.

Last but not least, Germans are also great at football! Congratulations to Germany for winning the FIFA World Cup 2014!Have a great summer everyone!

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