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Announcing codebeamer’s integration to the PDM / PLM ecosystem via OpenPDM

Developed by PROSTEP, codebeamer’s all-new integration with Siemens Teamcenter® (via OpenPDM) helps you connect your PDM/PLM ecosystem with ALM to ensure the availability and consistency of your product data along the product development lifecycle!


codebeamer’s wide range of native integrations, as well as its REST & Swagger API endpoints, enable users to unify their toolchains, providing transparency and end-to-end visibility for development information along the lifecycle of product delivery.

This new integration, developed by PLM experts PROSTEP, uses the OSLC standard to connect codebeamer to Siemens Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management via OpenPDM. In addition, a specific codebeamer connector is available for additional functionalities.

OPen pdm connectivity_with CB

This OSLC-based connector enables easier integration and the simple migration of your data. As work progresses in both the hardware and software streams, the connection between codebeamer and Teamcenter via OpenPDM OSLC makes sure that your teams always see up-to-date information about the issue in Teamcenter. What’s more, the integration also enables them to search codebeamer from within Teamcenter. The new integration provides a minimum viable solution to a common use case, as shown in the video below:


Integration via Open PDM allows users to simply connect codebeamer to many other PDM/PLM tools. codebeamer can be integrated in the same way to WindChill, ARAS, or other PLM systems. 

The integration may be customized for individual use cases supported by supported PROSTEP's PLM/ALM experts. ALM-PLM integration requires a clear definition and data mapping between the used platforms, therefore, out-of-the-box integrations are not available. PROSTEP experts have the necessary knowledge of all relevant systems (PLM, ALM, CAD etc) and their endpoints to build the most reliable integration solution for customers via Open PDM.

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