Announcing codebeamer X 4.1: Find out What’s New!

codebeamer X 4.1 introduces a variety of updates for increased license flexibility, simplified reporting, efficiency in work item & data handling, and more. Along with the new version, we’re proud to announce our new Medical Tool Validation as a Service offering that saves you tool qualification time and costs, and a completely rebuilt, comprehensive DO-178C Template for aviation systems developers!

Read on for more details, join our release announcement webinar on 16 Nov, or just take the new version for a test drive right away!


Easier system-wide reporting and filtering with Shared fields

In a multi-project environment, various team members rely on a range of different trackers. Across these work items, some data fields may be shared. Filtering and reporting in such a development environment can be difficult – but not with the shared fields introduced in codebeamer X 4.1!

Shared fields simplify reporting by enabling you to group different fields from different trackers (even across workspaces) together, and refer to these grouped shared fields in your reports. Therefore, using shared fields lets you easily filter, order, and group work items in order to simply create reports or build custom traceability queries.

License flexibility: Floating licenses are now available

In addition to the already available Named license types, we’re introducing Floating licenses in this new release. In a collaborative product development setting, certain groups of users (like managers or external stakeholders, for instance) only need periodic access to codebeamer X, while others (like your developers) use it every day.

With Named licenses, each of these users had to be named and an individual license had to be purchased to provide access. Floating licenses introduce flexibility by enabling a group of users to share a single license. With a Floating license, only one user can be logged in at a time – but that user can be any member of your team! Therefore, the flexibility provided by Floating licenses lets you save license costs.

Tracker Tree page for better workspace data visualization

When a workspace contains dozens or even hundreds of trackers, providing clarity is a challenge. That’s why we’re introducing the new Tracker Tree page in codebeamer X 4.1! Using the new Tracker Tree page lets you group and visualize workspace data more efficiently than before.

With the Tracker Tree page, you can explore and visualize your data: see the number of open work items, use drag & drop to rename or move trackers between groups, and add widgets to simplify your tasks. The new Tracker Tree page provides a simple and easy-to-use solution for managing trackers.

Automatic view remembering to save you clicks

Managing large volumes of information is a challenge, and adequate visibility is key to staying on top of all that data. To save you a whole lot of clicking around to set up a view that suits your needs, codebeamer X 4.1 now remembers your view settings. As long as your session is live, the visibility, size, and sequence of your columns will be automatically remembered, letting you access the data you need the most without wasting time on configuring view settings.

Medical Tool Validation as a Service for MedTech developers

Along with the new version, we’re also introducing a new service offering for developers of life sciences technologies. To help them reduce the time and costs of tool qualification, this new service has Intland take care of tool validation.

Available for users of Intland’s Medical Software Engineering Template regardless of team/company size, the Medical Tool Validation as a Service offers an automated validation of codebeamer X. Using this service, you’ll have Intland run an automated validation program on your instance in your specific environment. As part of the service, all the necessary outputs to prove the validation of your development system will be provided to you. Use Intland’s Medical Tool Validation as a Service to have codebeamer X validated at a fraction of the time and costs of going the manual way!

Start avionics projects quickly and with ease using the Aviation DO-178C Template

We’re launching an all-new DO-178C Template for aviation systems developers! The Template contains domain knowledge, preconfigured work items & processes, and best practices to greatly support compliance with the aviation standard DO-178C. The Template includes built-in data model guidelines, examples to show the vertical breakdown of system requirements down to code, and traceability reports. All these help aviation software product engineers significantly cut their development & compliance costs while ensuring that all DO-178C objectives are fulfilled.

codebeamer X 4.1 also introduces a number of usability and UX updates to make sure that using the tool is as convenient and straightforward as can be. Visit our release announcement page to learn more!

Join our release announcement webinar for codebeamer X 4.1 on 16 November to explore these updates in detail! If you prefer discovering the tool for yourself, feel free to start your 30-day trial of the new version right away!

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