Announcing codeBeamer ALM 10.1! Find out What is New & Why Upgrade from 9.5!

what-is-new-in-cb-alm-101We’re announcing the release of codeBeamer ALM’s latest version 10.1! Learn what’s new and noteworthy in this release, and why you should consider upgrading from previous versions.

Overall, codeBeamer ALM 10.1 is the perfect solution if you’re working with large data sets and your goal is to achieve transparency and high performance in your development processes. Let’s see a summary of the top new features and capabilities in this release!

Version highlights

Overview & details at a glance: the new Panel View

For this new version, we’ve built a whole new view into codeBeamer ALM! The all-new panel view gives you a quick overview on a number of items by combining the insights of the detailed view with the summary approach of the list view. This way, you can access all the relevant information about lifecycle artifacts in one simple view. (Note: In 10.1, the panel view is read-only).

Control the impact of changes with the Suspected changes history

In order to enable more efficient impact control on changes, we’ve updated the suspected links functionality. Starting from version 10.1, you can review all of the changes made on an item since it was first marked as having a suspected link. Accessing this cumulative list of changes helps you closely track modifications and how they affect development.

Integrate all stakeholders using Shared fields

Working with tons of external and internal contributors in a shared development environment? The updated management of shared fields in 10.1 will make your life easier. From this version on, reports and views (the intelligent table view and the document view) are able to handle shared fields for easier administration and better reporting.

Gain confidence in managing approvals with updated Reviews

codeBeamer ALM handles both item-based reviews (approval gates built into the workflow) and manual reviews via the easy-to-use Review Hub. For users relying on item-based reviews, the new version brings a new filter that makes it easy to pull up a summary of all your item-based reviews in one place.

For those using the Review Hub, we’ve updated the functionality to enable moderators to easily add or remove items not just when the review is being (re)started, but also while it is already running. And for easier insights into how your reviews are progressing, we’ve added an icon that you can simply hover over to access key review stats.

Protecting your production environment: Deployment improvements in 10.1

Admins managing multi-level project structures can now export project dependencies. Using this feature in 10.1, workflows may be safely updated on a test server before deploying the new project configurations and dependencies to production.

Access detailed insights using the Expert filter mode

Need to sift through large volumes of data to uncover key insights? 10.1 allows you to combine default filters with advanced filtering criteria written in cBQL, codeBeamer’s proprietary query language. This way, you can flexibly filter all your data stored in the platform for detailed insights.

See all attributes at once: Embedded fields in Table view

With this new release, the table view has been updated to enable the display of table-type fields. This way, you’ll be able to access a complete overview of all attributes of your items using the table view in codeBeamer ALM 10.1.

Speed & usability updates in Document view

Scaled development teams often work with large volumes of data that some tools are struggling with. Not codeBeamer ALM 10.1. In this version, we have significantly improved the performance of the document view to load as many as 27,000 in 2 seconds. Usability has also been updated: starting with 10.1, the table view lets you access the same folder structure you’re used to seeing in document view.

Supporting Product QA with Test management updates

For testing teams, this new release makes it easier to manage testing and bug reporting. Using version 10.1, you can simply copy relevant test case/test run properties upon creating new bugs, making the reporting of issues much more convenient. We have also added automated test step importing which helps you avoid duplications when managing test artifacts.

Why upgrade from 9.5 to 10.1?

Still using codeBeamer ALM 9.5? Here’s what you’re missing out on!

In the versions since 9.5, we have added several updates to the system that improve your ability to manage large volumes of development data in the system. Updates like the panel view, improved item reviews, cross-object filtering, and a range of performance improvements help you manage data in a fast and structured way, regardless of how complex your development environment is.

Using 10.1, members of your QA team will benefit from better testing capabilities and easier bug reporting. Approval processes have also been streamlined and updated to improve visibility around reviews. Collaboration & supplier integration are supported by a variety of updated capabilities including permanent links, better stakeholder integration, and an updated Swagger API. For enterprise teams, we’ve introduced improvements including the Cluster Edition with Active-Active clustering, encrypted project data export, automated workflows actions, and more.

Want to learn more about the new and updated features of codeBeamer ALM 10.1? Join our webinar on 18 Jun to learn more. Ready to get started right away? Start your free trial of the new version!


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