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Announcing codebeamer 21.09 – Discover the New version!

This latest and greatest version codebeamer 21.09 introduces a wide range of enhancements, making it our most advanced release to date! Users developing complex product lines will greatly benefit from the updated Working Sets feature. New deployment features support regulatory compliance, while codebeamer’s support for PostgreSQL helps improve scalability and performance. API throttling lets you limit the number of API calls to enhance robustness. The new version also brings a variety of updates for System Administrators, including permission controls, and the all-new maintenance mode. Read on to learn more about what is new in this latest release, and join the webinar on 12 Oct to discover the new version!


Updated Working Sets for advanced configuration management

When engineering a family of product variants, the configuration of various versions of product specifications may be required. The updated Working Sets in codebeamer 21.09 provide advanced configuration options to let you do just that. This feature offers a transparent and easy-to-manage configuration model for your product variants.

The enhanced Working Sets let you filter data to focus on what’s relevant in the context of the currently addressed product variant. It helps you efficiently work with multiple tracker and configuration versions and variants, simplifying the development of product lines in a market environment characterized by mass customization.

Fast and efficient project updates using Selective deployment

In an environment where you are managing multiple complex projects (especially when regulatory compliance is a concern), making changes can be a nightmare due to the chance of error and the amount of manual work involved. But not with codebeamer 21.09! In this latest version, we’re introducing a new feature that lets you deploy project configurations for a chosen subset of trackers. This increased granularity helps you make targeted changes to your projects, facilitating minor adjustments in a complicated project configuration hierarchy.

Higher deployment flexibility & enhanced performance with PostgreSQL

This latest version of codebeamer supports PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open-source database solution. By providing additional deployment flexibility, PostgreSQL provides improved performance in networked deployments where latency times may be currently limiting performance. By using PostgreSQL with codebeamer, this limitation is lifted and response times may be reduced.

Supported by Amazon Web Services and MS Azure Cloud and offering high availability and clustering, PostgreSQL is fully enterprise-ready and performs well in scaled environments. Using codebeamer with PostgreSQL will help you simplify deployment while being simple, cost-effective, and highly scalable.

Reinforced robustness with API throttling

Another handy update for System Administrators: codebeamer 21.09 lets you control the number of API requests from a user over a certain period. By avoiding resource bottlenecks and by controlling API calls, this new feature further enhances security, scalability, and performance while also ensuring more robustness for codebeamer!

Facilitating system administration with the all-new Maintenance mode

When carrying out maintenance duties, System Administrators have to at once optimize downtime, guarantee security through access control, and make sure that all affected users are notified. That’s what the Maintenance mode in codebeamer 21.09 helps you do.

Using this new mode, SysAdmins can restrict access to specific users (maintenance permissions), and send out notifications to all other users about the ongoing maintenance. The new feature lets SysAdmins send a heads-up notification to all logged-in users, while others may be sent notifications after the fact. In line with these improvements, we’ve also added new API endpoints to let users query and set the status of their codebeamer environment. Overall, the new maintenance mode helps you provide visibility and transparency when making updates to your system!

Updated commenting permission controls for enhanced collaboration

A common collaboration problem in modern product engineering is making sure that input from all contributors is considered. The other side of the same coin receives less attention: with all that information, it can be difficult to filter the noise and only provide stakeholders with relevant and important data. Using this latest version of codebeamer, you can control permissions for item commenting. With 21.09, you can easily specify which users can add comments or attachments in each status of the artifact’s workflow. Fine-tune your processes with granular commenting permission control to ensure efficiency and transparency throughout the lifecycle!

Interested in learning more about codebeamer 21.09? Visit this version’s release page, and join our release announcement webinar on 12 Oct 2021!

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