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codeBeamer DOORS integrationIBM's® Rational® DOORS® is usually implemented as part of an enterprise suite, making it the go-to legacy Requirements Management (RM) solution for some large companies. While DOORS® offers a range of features, considering other options is definitely a good idea, as your teams may benefit from the advanced capabilities provided by other RM or Application Lifecycle Management tools. Implementing another solution doesn't mean you have to stop using your IBM solution that is integrated into your enterprise-wide system: codeBeamer's DOORS® integration provides gapless traceability and data consistency across tools.

In a fast-paced Agile development environment where your teams are working hard to develop quality software products as fast as possible, you have to make sure the tools your teams are using are perfectly fit for purpose and match your internal processes. Managing the complexity of the development process (especially when multiple lifecycles are involved, as is the case with IoT-connected products that come with hardware, software and service components), mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance is a difficult task. You may also have to coordinate the work of several geographically dispersed teams, and bring together the development streams that may be using multiple methodologies (Waterfall / V-model, scaled Agile, as well as a custom Hybrid solution). Managing all these together using an integrated software solution would be ideal, provided you can find the right management platform.

Collaboration, the efficient management of change, and data consistency are all instrumental in reducing time to market, and maintaining high product quality. While enterprise-scale solutions such as the IBM software suite may support high-level process management, different teams and environments may benefit from different tools when it comes to day-to-day work processes. With adequate integration, you can achieve the benefits of using advanced solutions without the drawbacks of using several tools in development. codeBeamer's DOORS® integration helps make sure all your teams are able to work with up-to-date data at all times, while still taking advantage of codeBeamer's state of the art ALM capabilities.

codeBeamer is a flexible, highly adaptable ALM solution that grows with the needs of your team, department or organization. As a tool proven in large-scale enterprise implementations (Lufthansa, Daimler and Festo are just a few of our bigger costumers), its scalability is industry proven. Due to its advanced capabilities, codeBeamer helps you streamline your legacy processes for increased efficiency and productivity.

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