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codeBeamer ALM's Bidirectional JIRA® Integration

codeBeamer JIRA integration

codeBeamer ALM's bidirectional JIRA® integration provides data consistency and traceability throughout the lifecycle

Development teams using several single-point tools in their internal processes often struggle with connecting these standalone solutions to allow them to manage the entire development lifecycle in an integrated manner. Due to its several integration points via REST API, codeBeamer ALM has always been the go-to solution to this problem: integrating other tools and managing the entire lifecycle from codeBeamer is a breeze.

JIRA® sync to ensure data consistency

With its latest version 7.7, codeBeamer ALM takes a step further towards complete integration across teams and throughout the development lifecycle. In addition to the advanced functionality it offers for all stages of development (demand and requirements management, development, QA & testing, DevOps) as well as for the high-level management of the entire lifecycle, our ALM solution now comes with a bidirectional Atlassian JIRA® sync feature to ensure data consistency across tools.

If you're working in a complex development environment where several teams collaborate on a single product, and replacing all their tools with codeBeamer isn't an option, this is a great feature to facilitate seamless data import from JIRA® to your ALM platform or the other way around. By configuring the plugin to fetch data as frequently as every 2 minutes, you can make sure your teams always have access to up to date data.

Automatically updated data

The way our JIRA® integration works couldn't be more simple: just set up your JIRA® server connection, configure the details of the project replication (update intervals, with a minimum of 2 minutes), and save your settings. That's it, you will now have all changes to your JIRA® project automatically replicated in codeBeamer ALM. The integration even lets you run the replication manually, to allow you to fetch updates even in between the automatic update intervals.

The benefits of using codeBeamer ALM's JIRA® sync are:

  • Significant time saving by avoiding manual integration – setting up the project synchronization only takes a minute
  • Data consistency is ensured between JIRA® and codeBeamer ALM, allowing separate teams to work together efficiently
  • Lets you manage all development processes from one platform, taking advantage of codeBeamer's advanced end-to-end ALM functionality
  • Complete traceability is ensured from requirements all the way to testing and release, with all your data stored in codeBeamer's central repository
  • Helps avoid communication gaps between teams and departments

To start taking advantage of codeBeamer's JIRA® integration, start your free trial of codeBeamer ALM today. Have questions? Reach out to us to start a conversation!

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