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codeBeamer ALM's Official Scalability Performance Test Report 2017

Most ALM vendors claim to be scalable in terms of both users and work items. Performance benchmarks, however, are not always provided. With this Official Scalability Performance Test Report, codeBeamer ALM proves that it works swiftly and smoothly with 10 million work items and 1,000 concurrent users. Demonstrating its ability to handle as many as 35,000 requirements in a single file, codeBeamer lives up to its reputation of being the fastest ALM platform on the market. Read on to find out more about the results of our performance tests conducted in June 2017.

ALM performance to enable scalability

As the use of Application Lifecycle Management platforms expands across industries, vendors of such tools are facing the problem of scalability. Any ALM solution can handle a few dozen concurrent users and a couple of hundred work items without problems. But large global enterprises require their tools to be truly scalable: hundreds or even thousands of users might be logged in at the same time, often working from different locations and contributing to multiple projects. Each of these projects may contain thousands of work items, and in some industries, tens of thousands requirements might be exported and handled in a single file.

To realize the benefits of collaborative, integrated ALM, these companies need a platform that is ready to handle use in a scaled environment. Intland's development team is well aware of this, and has worked hard to ensure that users of codeBeamer ALM don't have to worry about scalability bottlenecks. codeBeamer ALM is optimized for maximum performance in large-scale development environments, as proven by the results of our scalability performance testing session.

codeBeamer ALM's Scalability Performance Test Results

To measure how codeBeamer handles a large number of users, we performed a login stress test with 1,000 users on a database of 1 million work items. Simulating 1,000 concurrent logins over a period of 300 seconds, the average login response time was 240 ms.

codeBeamer ALM's response times of user requests were also outstanding. Our tests showed that codeBeamer worked smoothly with up to 1,000 users and 10 million artifacts:

Its demonstrated ability to manage 10 million work items with high performance makes codeBeamer ALM a primary choice for global enterprises with multiple large projects.

When working with such a large volume of artifacts, exchanging data across tools can be problematic. As the below testing data confirms, Intland Software's codeBeamer ALM excels at handling thousands of requirements in a single file.

35,000 Requirements in a Single File

In large and complex projects, it's not uncommon for development teams to exchange thousands of requirements between tools. Exporting and importing large numbers of requirements, however, can become a lengthy process if your ALM tool is not equipped to manage this task. During our performance tests, we imported a ReqIF file containing 35,463 requirements (55 MB) to codeBeamer ALM in just 25 minutes.

Once imported, opening and editing this massive amount of requirements only took a matter of seconds:

Open 10,000 requirements from the web browser in Document View mode
~7 sec
Open 35,000 requirements from the web browser in Document View mode
~15 sec

In case you need to manage an even higher number of work items in your scaled development efforts, feel free to contact us for further testing data! Ready to start? Start your free trial!