codeBeamer ALM: Easy Export and Import from Microsoft Word and Excel

codeBeamer ALM  Export and Import from Microsoft Word and Excel featureToday you can choose from a wide range of single-point software tools and ALM solutions to manage the entire application development lifecycle, or parts of it. However, there are not many ALM solutions on the market that offer all of the important modules and functions fully integrated in a single solution. Even rarer is a solution that offers all this with features built by a single provider, without third party plugins and interfaces.

The latest release of codeBeamer, version 7.2.1 provides you just that. Its core modules are fully integrated, use a single central repository, and offer a variety of new and enhanced features.

Among these, one exciting feature is the easy and comprehensive Word and Excel integration. This feature enables you to export Microsoft Word and Excel documents with your requirements, test cases, defects etc, and then reimport back to codeBeamer ALM. You can choose to edit your artifacts online or offline (that is, using MS Office), and your changes will be reflected in codeBeamer.

When editing a document on your computer, our tracking feature will precisely record all changes made to this document, and automatically update the document in codeBeamer ALM if you choose to apply the changes. No need to duplicate any requirements or documents.

Using this feature, you can easily export requirements or other issues into a regular Microsoft Word or Excel document, and share it with other stakeholders. This facilitates interaction with developers, suppliers, customers, management, and just about anyone else that does not work with codeBeamer ALM. You can customize your templates and export documents according to your company’s specifications or corporate identity. Export now includes work item priorities and custom fields that can be changed in the exported document, and reimported back to codeBeamer ALM any time.

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