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codeBeamer 8.1 is Released: ALM for Quality Assurance Professionals

codeBeamer 8.1 is ReleasedWith the advanced features of its latest version 8.1 focused on collaborative quality assurance, codeBeamer's position is reinforced as the go-to Application Lifecycle Management solution for developers of quality high-tech and safety-critical products worldwide. Fully reworked, comprehensive safety-critical templates, an advanced Review Hub, versioned Test Management, and state of the art Reporting & Analytics options are just a few of the new or updated features of this latest release.

Find out more about what is new in codeBeamer 8.1, or watch our webinar from 8 Mar 2017.

Review Hub: Complete process control and visibility

With codeBeamer 8.1's all-new Review Hub, managing reviews just got significantly easier. The Review Hub allows you to set up a list of items (requirements, test cases, documentation, etc) to assign for review, and to carefully track the reviewing of changing customer specifications with real-time data. Advanced filtering helps reviewers manage their workload, enabling them to simply overview all the items waiting for their approval. A full change history is offered on the whole process of reviewing, including comments.

Auditors can use the Review Hub to review changes to specifications with all their relations (that is, how these changes impact development work), and trace the implementation of these through to testing. Once reviewing is done, report statistics (filtered by user) may be easily exported to Excel. Overall, the new Review Hub not only helps you deliver better quality products with less errors during development, but it also greatly helps audit work, thus shortening certification times & products' time to market.

Baselined test management: Versioned testing for IoT development

This latest release introduces some significant updates to codeBeamer's test management functionality. For one, codeBeamer 8.1 now supports the testing of both software and hardware products, making it a perfect fit for IoT product development.

By generating test runs automatically before the first run, the performance of parametrized testing processes is greatly enhanced. Test cases may now be associated with the product version being tested, meaning that you can simply rerun tests on previous versions while maintaining the original test configuration. On top of all this, the UI has been simplified to make it easier for you to manage complex testing activities. By supporting the parallel testing of HW and SW, codeBeamer 8.1 greatly simplifies the development of quality products for the Internet of Things.

Scheduled Reporting & Analytics: Automated reports at your fingertips

One more critical stage of a comprehensive and thorough Quality Assurance process: reporting. With codeBeamer 8.1's state of the art automated reporting and analytics functionality, you'll have up-to-date data at your fingertips at all times. Staying in control of all processes for better management, and submitting the necessary documents to authorities during a compliance audit is greatly simplified.

You can now schedule and automatically send recurring reports via e-mail, with any frequency you like. A convenient interface allows you to easily manage these report jobs and subscriptions. Custom date ranges, logical AND/OR operators, and flexible grouping options help you granularly filter data with queries. Improved exporting options ensure that accurate reports are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Medical Template with Full Risk Management

codeBeamer ALM 8.1 also brings completely reworked safety-critical templates. Our new medical template with risk management features has been preconfigured with processes & artifacts so that minimal configuration is required. Use Intland's Medical IEC 62304 and ISO 14971 Template 3.0 out of the box to enhance product quality while reducing the costs and time of compliance.

Intland's Medical IEC 62304 and ISO 14971 Template 3.0 supports compliance with all the most important medical standards. In addition to supporting IEC 62304 and including SOUP, this template contains structures compliant with ISO60601-1-8, risk management features for ISO 14971, and FMEA capabilities to adhere to the requirements of ISO 60812. The template is all-inclusive, covering the areas of project planning, safety, maintenance, risk management, issue, change & document management. Please note that this template requires the purchase of customization via Intland's professional consulting & services.

Intland's Automotive ISO 26262 Template 3.0

Our automotive template has also been completely revamped, making it more robust, detailed, and more efficient than ever before. Intland's Automotive ISO 26262 Template 3.0 is packed with preconfigured artifacts to help you comply with Automotive SPICE PAM 3.0 and ISO 26262. Its enhanced FMEA and Risk Management capabilities support compliance with ISO 60812 and ISO 31000.

The template comes with comprehensive wikis containing regulatory information, and covers all the areas of project planning, safety, maintenance, risk management, issue, change & document management. It may be used out of the box to enable granular lifecycle management for traceability, thus supporting compliance with minimal effort. (Please note that this template requires the purchase of customization via Intland's professional consulting & services.)

New dashboards, enhanced tracker management, and further improvements

  • A new widget creator helps you design and preview widgets for your dashboards. Dashboards in codeBeamer are now faster, and may be simply exported to Word.
  • We've also added a state of the art diagram editor, allowing you to simply create diagrams and add these to any work item (exportable to Word). codeBeamer 8.1 uses mxGraph instead of GraphViz, resulting in a variety of benefits for you.
  • Tracker configurations are now baselined in codeBeamer 8.1, making sure you always see the adequate setup of fields and configurations for previous versions. You can now send e-mail directly from the comments section on any tracker.

Overall, codeBeamer 8.1 is our strongest release so far for collaborative Quality Assurance. Interested in how it could help you enhance the quality of your products? Start your 30-day trial for free, or contact us with your questions.

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