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codeBeamer 8.0 is Released! What is new in this latest version?

codebeamer_80With the release of codeBeamer’s latest version 8.0, current and prospective users get access to a long list of features that far surpass those of a simple Application Lifecycle Management platform. Major feature updates bring powerful enterprise functionality, while significant usability improvements render 8.0 the most convenient and fast version of our ALM platform so far.

Updates in codeBeamer 8.0 cover compliance, data analytics, powerful workflows, new integrations, useful testing features, and more. Read on to find out what is new in the latest release of codeBeamer ALM, or download your copy right away.

TÜV certification for compliance with ISO 26262 and IEC 61508

Recently, TÜV NORD has awarded codeBeamer ALM a “Trusted Tool” certification that reassures those working on safety-critical projects that their ALM platform adequately supports development in compliance with the requirements of IEC 61508 and ISO 26262. However, this TÜV certification offers more tangible benefits than increasing developers’ confidence: software tools used in the development of safety-critical end products need to be qualified and verified before they can be implemented to support safety-critical lifecycles. This TÜV “Trusted Tool” certification can help reduce the time and effort it takes to go through this tool qualification process.

Pro tip: Learn more about Intland's Tool Validation Package Template to accelerate safety-critical tool qualification!

Data Analytics, reporting, Business Intelligence insights

A new set of powerful data analytics features allow users to search for and filter any information via custom queries; visualize data using preconfigured charts and graphs; and place these graphs on reporting dashboards to help data analysis. As codeBeamer stores valuable product and lifecycle data in its repository, filtering and studying this data has the potential to provide vital Business Intelligence insights and an overview of development KPIs. Therefore, codeBeamer’s new reporting functionality (consisting of queries, visualization features, and exportable reports) lets you create and share reports that your management will love, and that will greatly facilitate decision-making.

Improved ReqIF data exchange

Responding to the needs of our customers developing complex system of systems products, we have executed a structural update of codeBeamer’s ReqIF data exchange functionality to manage large numbers of items in a single document. codeBeamer can now exchange 10,000-30,000+ requirements and other artifacts per document in a fast and efficient way. This helps enterprise users maintain efficient collaboration with other departments, external suppliers, and other stakeholders. With this update, exchanging data between IBM DOORS and IBM DOORS Next Generation has become incredibly simple and fast.

Powerful workflow features

codeBeamer’s updated workflow engine now supports entry and exit actions. These actions will be triggered by a work item’s entry to a specific stage in its workflow, or upon exiting that state. These actions are associated with states rather than transitions to that state, giving you greater flexibility. Therefore, this updated workflow engine lets you conveniently automate processes, cutting the time and effort costs of managing complex projects.

This latest release of codeBeamer also offers a new, workflow-based means to reviewing and approving artifacts such as requirements. Using this new review mechanism, you can:

  • specify in what phase (state) of the workflow the review should be performed in
  • control which users are allowed to perform the review
  • define rules to enforce the level of security needed (e.g. you can set the number of individual user’s votesnecessary for the item to pass to the approved/rejected state, and you can also define the level of detail for electronic signatures).

Updated references and associations

codeBeamer’s reference management functionality has just received an update, making it a really flexible and efficient tool to join relational databases. This feature helps you keep pace with, and stay on top of the growing volume of product lifecycle data. You can rely on codeBeamer’s new referencing functionality to manage complex data structures, which lets you create references to baseline versions, define new attributes for references, or generate test cases with “verifies” flags. Suspected links between artifacts will also be automatically identified by codeBeamer 8.0.

New testing features, testing outside of your ALM

In addition to SAP, the list of codeBeamer’s new integrations include the Google Testing Framework for C/C++ users, and code coverage integrations with QA Systems’ Cantata, and VectorSoftware’s VectorCAST for C/C++ users. codeBeamer 8.0 also offers a new Jenkins plugin that enables the customization of test cases and configurations. It also allows you to check the coverage of your requirements with unit tests, and the coverage browser and release statistics are now available for any filtered group of automated test cases. What’s more, codeBeamer’s updated Jenkins plugin can now map and automatically generate test cases and test sets, and is able to inject xUnit data into codeBeamer trackers.

Another impressive new feature of codeBeamer 8.0 is offline testing. Tests can now be run outside of codeBeamer, with results simply reimported via Excel files in order to ensure data consistency. Therefore, you can maintain control over your testing activities from within codeBeamer even if testing takes place outside of your ALM tool.

The long list of updates doesn’t stop there. Download codeBeamer right away to see the new release for yourself, and watch our webinar recording to better understand all the new and updated features of codeBeamer 8.0:

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