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Calculating the Return on Investment of ALM Tools

In today's digital market saturated with smart, IoT-connected products, developers are competing to deliver software-heavy, innovative products to their customers. Software development competences are becoming the new currency in many industries.

Product manufacturers are rushing to hire skilled, experienced, and creative software developers. As fierce competition forces companies to rapidly acquire or expand their software development competences, tooling issues are plaguing development teams. The old toolchain simply doesn't scale along. In safety-critical industries, the need to comply with relevant regulations adds to the challenge.


Why work with integrated ALM?

In a highly competitive market environment, the trick is not simply to be able to develop high quality products, but to do it fast, with moderate costs, while complying with relevant regulations efficiently. As a consequence, there is a need to lift the limitations of outdated, open-source, or otherwise inadequate tool environments.

To provide a context and a toolchain for developers to work together efficiently, more and more companies are turning to integrated Application Lifecycle Management platforms. Modern ALM tools help development teams collaborate efficiently, automate processes & audit trails, and offer powerful features that cover the entire product development lifecycle to help you develop better products faster.

The problem is that more often than not, management buy-in is more difficult to achieve than the enthusiastic cooperation of software developers when it comes to evaluating and purchasing an ALM platform.

Calculating the ROI of ALM

Sure, a sophisticated ALM tool could bring the development team all those benefits, but do those outweigh the costs, and do they seep down into the bottom line? Calculating the ROI of an ALM investment is a key step in getting decision-making managers on board.

Download our FREE guide to calculating the Return on Investment of Application Lifecycle Management solutions. This guide helps you consider all cost factors, and quantify the benefits of rolling out an integrated Application Lifecycle Management solution, thus helping you assess the ROI of your chosen platform.

a-guide-to-calculating-the-roi-of-application-lifecycle-management-tools   A Guide to Calculating the ROI of Application Lifecycle Management Tools

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