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What Are the Main Benefits of Using Scrum?

Scrum certified trainer Kenny Rubin, author of the best-selling book “Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process” published his blog post highlighting the main benefits of using the Scrum method in Agile software development. Here's a quick recap of its most important findings. Click here to read Kenny Rubin's original blog post.

Kenny highlighted the main benefit of using Scrum tools and processes in software development, the framework that essentially proposes to develop in short sprints. In addition to speeding up the delivery of new products and new features, Kenny defined 3 main areas of the advantages of Scrum:

Customer Satisfaction

The first and most important is getting delighted customers. In Scrum, sprints are really short so results are delivered and are ready for testing within 1-3 weeks. Scrum's main focus is to provide new features or corrections frequently, and collect feedback from clients as quick as possible. Therefore, Scrum speeds up bug fixing processes and the development of new features, making customers happy.

blog-post-img-131028Lower production costs

Applying Scrum in development can lead to reducing the cost of production. Product costs are primarily determined by the time and effort spent on new releases. But companies are rarely able to estimate the real, total costs of production.

In Scrum, story pointing can be applied to estimate the complexity of any task. Complexity strongly correlates with the costs of production. Story pointing on each tasks gives you a chance to better estimate the cost of developing new features, and also allows project managers to prioritize tasks based on their complexity.

Enhanced collaboration & communication

The third big area of Scrum’s benefits is the strong focus on collaboration and daily communication. Scrum provides visibility on tasks for each team member to track progress and to allow the better allocation of resources. The strong focus on collaboration leads to a happier, and more productive team.

Two of the key Agile Scrum benefits are quicker response to market demands, and cost savings due to increased performance. According to my experience, Scrum can be used not only in software development but in Agile sales and marketing as well, yielding similar benefits.

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