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How to Implement the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Model

The Agile-Waterfall Hybrid model is most commonly associated with product development where the product is composed of both hardware and software components. In this case, hardware is often developed using the traditional Waterfall/V-Model approach, while software teams are using an Agile method.


How should you use the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid model for product development?

In the IoT era, a multi-tier approach is taken to develop applications. A three-tier architecture is typically composed of a presentation tier (the graphical user interface), a business application tier (the business logic), and the data tier (database), where data and files are stored. The database layer and the business logic layer have to be robust, sometimes really complex, and technically reliable. With safety and security of paramount importance, Waterfall is generally the right approach here.

Due to the function and nature of the GUI, its development involves frequent changes and a need for continuous optimization, making it a good fit for Agile development. Agile and Waterfall can be well combined in the development of n-tier architecture applications.

Whatever the basic methodology you're using, blending Agile and Waterfall elements can enhance your development processes (when implemented right). We were inspired by Dean Leffingwell’s SAFe® model, where mixing Agile and Waterfall development is now an accepted approach. The Scaled Agile Framework greatly supports hybrid development. Due to codeBeamer's flexible architecture, Intland’s SAFe® 4.0 Template is a great tool to manage and monitor such Hybrid processes.

Despite the fundamental differences between Agile and Waterfall, the two methodologies can be complementary in complex, n-tier architecture development. Agile and Waterfall Hybrid development can also support compliance, making it a worthwile methodology to consider in safety-critical development. For more information, watch our webinar recording below, or download codeBeamer's evaluation version right away.

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