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Agile is More than Just a Software Development Methodology

Intland-Software-Agile-Software-DevelopmentTo be Agile in business is to be able to react to the unexpected, to be able to adapt to a changing market environment, and to respond to consumer needs quickly. This applies to software development as much as it applies to other aspects of business.

The Agile software development processes used today address not only the needs of developers and development, but we can also draw on them to address other business requirements.

Before Agile

In software development, before Agile there was Waterfall with is sequential process of development which stipulates that one phase of development must be completed before the next is begun.

Agile processes address this lack of flexibility by developing in short iterations, letting developers adapt to changing requirements. Using Agile, products are released early and often, allowing developers to add new features or change existing ones more frequently. This flexibility is something that other aspects of the business could greatly benefit from.

The Agile Business

Applied to the organisation, Agile principles can bring never before seen flexibility to the way a company operates. Agile encourages collaboratively autonomous teams to find unique ways to satisfy customer needs, while an iterative approach helps them do this as fast as possible.

Implementing Agile is difficult enough in software development, where there are well-documented use cases to help your transition process. When applying Agile to other business disciplines, best practices are not as easily available.

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That said, success stories have been published, and those looking to make the transition to an iterative and Agile approach with the entire organization can find tips and insights to help them get started. A good example is Intland's guide to Building an Agile Marketing Team, which documents the story of how we implemented Agile in our marketing efforts.

Agile: Tooling is Key

At the heart of an Agile business transition is a collaboration tool that enables teams to work together efficiently, to share information, and to manage work in a transparent manner. As documented by our case study, codeBeamer ALM is an innovative ALM solution that greatly supports the implementation of Agile in non-software development applications.

What sets our codeBeamer ALM solution apart from other ALM solutions is the flexibility that it provides. This flexibility enabled us to tailor codeBeamer to the needs of our marketing team, and could also help you build an Agile organization that responds to customer needs and delivers profitable solutions faster.

To learn more about codeBeamer ALM and how it could support your Agile transition, start your free trial or contact us with your questions!

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