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A Few Tips on Adopting the Agile Culture

agile_slaveTo be Agile is to be able to adapt to a changing business environment. Companies that work in a constantly changing environment can no longer put off implementing the right tools that help them adapt the new challenges. Successful organizations have already adopted an Agile approach and have implemented Agile tools to support them.

Employees often don’t see what different team members do and what the team does as a whole. Therefore, alignment and collaboration are limited. Managers struggle to find the reasons, but in many cases, it's quite simply a failure to adopt the Agile company culture that is responsible for the ineffective communication.

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Compared to traditional hierarchies, Agile focuses on the activity of your team members rather then infrastructure, rules, or documentation. Companies working Agile should put performance in the spotlight to encourage innovation and collaboration. With the isolated work of individuals, however hard your team members work, the company won't be able to keep up with constant changes in your environment.

Tips on becoming Agile:

  • Focus should be on the individual performance of your employees. Rather then telling your team exactly how to work, describe the expectations and measure performance.
  • Agile is all about teamwork, and not about micromanagement. Rotating the role of management among employees can help bring a fresh perspective and keep your teams focused on the goal.
  • Project management and quality control should be made a key part of the work of all employees.
  • Feedback should be encouraged, with information about the company, its activites, the market, and customer feedback flowing freely.

Becoming Agile is a major cultural change within any organization and can be difficult to implement. codeBeamer ALM provides all the key features to foster better collaboration in any Agile environment.

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