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4 Tips to be More Efficient in Requirements Management

Requirements Management is a crucial part of any software development project. Issues of requirements management still rank high on the list of causes of software project failure. Clear, error-free requirements help engineering teams detect errors early, reducing project costs and risks. Efficient requirements management is essential to ensure that the project meets the customer’s needs and is completed on time and within budget.  

4 Tips to be More Efficient in Requirements Management

Start with a clear understanding of the project objectives 

The first step in efficient requirements management is to have a clear understanding of the project objectives. The project objectives should be clearly defined and documented so that everyone involved in the project is aware of what needs to be accomplished. This will help to ensure that the requirements are aligned with the project objectives and that the project team is working towards a common goal.

Use an Agile requirements management tool 

A requirements management tool can help you to streamline the requirements management process and ensure that the requirements are complete, accurate, and up to date. It can be used to capture, track, and manage the requirements. It can also help you generate reports and provide real-time visibility into the status of the requirements.
There are plenty of requirements management tools on the market, so picking the one that best suits your needs can be hard to do. The Agile approach provides increased flexibility on changes, requires less documentation, shortens delivery time, and focuses on value for the customer. With Codebeamer you can reduce costs, risks, and delivery times, while also meeting your requirements. Collaborative requirements management is one of the many benefits of Codebeamer.

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Consider the re-use of requirements 

The reuse of requirements can lead to significant savings in the requirements management process. If you’re managing a complex product line with multiple product variants, we highly recommend that you evaluate features supporting requirements library management and re-use when selecting a RM tool. Re-use can speed up requirements definition, and reduce the time needed to set up a new project by using previously defined and verified requirements.

Ensure traceability of requirements along a properly defined workflow 

Traceability is quite simply the key to success in requirements management. This is where most legacy tool environments fall short. Codebeamer’s single repository architecture, workflow engine, and widespread integrations help you ensure traceability, process visibility, and change control on the RM activities of all stakeholders throughout the application development lifecycle. Versioning and baselining add further value by providing a full change history and backtracking to all previous versions.

PTC’s Codebeamer technology has strong requirements management functionality, supporting processes at all maturity levels. Implementing Codebeamer, combined with adequate workflows, helps make your requirements management more efficient and accurate, thus driving maturity in your product development.

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