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  • The main drawbacks of legacy toolchains
  • Benefits of lifting the limitations of outdated tooling
  • Methods & strategies for modernizing legacy software systems

Legacy software (whether it was developed in-house, acquired as part of a tool suite, or evolved organically to suit internal needs) enables your teams to work the way they currently do. The problem is that these entrenched tools limit the freedom of your teams to accelerate product delivery by adopting modern strategies.

The lifespan of most IT products is just three years. Hanging on to legacy tools inevitably ends up holding your business back. Based on the experiences of product developers worldwide, this eBook identifies the main drawbacks of using legacy toolchains to help you find out if your efforts are limited by your tool stack.

To help determine whether modernization is the way to go for your organization, this eBook lists the benefits commonly experienced by companies switching to future-proof tools. In the eBook, you’ll also find in-depth descriptions of the primary strategies for modernizing legacy systems to help you weigh your options. Download this eBook for a complete guide to updating your outdated legacy tool environment!


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