Ovum: One Solution for All ALM disciplines

ovum-one-solution-for-all-alm-disciplines-1.pngSoftware is increasingly becoming the currency in today’s IoT connected market environment, affecting all aspects of the product from quality through user experience all the way to safety and reliability. This white paper by independent research firm Ovum investigates how integrated Application Lifecycle Management solutions can help manage such complex product lifecycles.

The use of embedded software to replace physical components is on the rise, increasing the complexity of development projects. In order to manage that complexity and develop high quality, secure and safe software products, Application Lifecycle Management is necessary.

In 2016, independent analyst firm Ovum has published this white paper that discusses the benefits of using a single, holistic, organically integrated solution as opposed to a mix of several single-point tools to manage application lifecycles. The paper finds that large international enterprises are successfully using a rip-and-replace rollout method to transition from thinly integrated solutions to a robust, holistic platform such as codeBeamer ALM, realizing immediate benefits throughout the organization.

Ovum’s whitepaper also finds that as an organically integrated ALM solution, codeBeamer provides a single lifecycle-wide view of development projects, and can bring benefits greater than the sum of its individual parts.

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