Download this Agile marketing guide & case study for:

  • Insights about the challenges and problems solved by the Agile transition at Intland’s marketing team
  • Actionable tips and best practices on getting started with Agile marketing
  • An evaluation of the achievements of over 7 years of Agile marketing at Intland Software

Just as the original pioneers of Agile development who have ventured into new areas, experimenting with practices and processes in small groups, and turning theory into best practice, here at Intland Software we have pioneered the processes and practices of Agile Marketing.

If you thought Agile was for software development teams only, it’s time to think again. Back in 2013, Intland Software decided to bring Agile to marketing, building on the insights and experiences of the company’s Agile software development teams. Sales has since also transitioned to Agile. We wrote this eBook to help other teams considering the adoption of Agile in departments other than software delivery.

Our case study is an overview of the experiences gained and the problems faced along with some of the solutions developed by Intland Software’s team. Download this eBook to learn how to be Agile in sales and marketing!


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