Achieving Safety-Critical Development Maturity with Agile/DevOps ALM

achieving-safety-critical-development-maturity-with-agiledevops-alm-2In its latest white paper, independent analyst firm Ovum investigates the benefits of integrating ALM and Agile/DevOps practices in the development of safety-critical products.

While considered differentiators for years, Agile/DevOps are now seen as the next phase of software development evolution. Making the transition has become necessary to stay in the market, forcing companied to adopt Agile/DevOps practices to drive high development velocity and faster time to market.

This white paper titled Achieving Safety-Critical Development Maturity with Agile/DevOps ALM analyzes the use of Application Lifecycle Management and Agile scaling frameworks such as LeSS and SAFe in regulated development. Through a case study with BMW, Ovum’s analyst discusses the means to manage risk at speed in safety-critical systems development.

The paper also identifies the indispensable tools for showing the planning, traceability, and documentation in place necessary to comply with standards and regulations, and examines the role of next-generation ALM in Agile/DevOps safety-critical product development.

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