Download this Beginner’s Guide to Agile Software Development for:

  • A comprehensive overview of the core values, definitions, and principles that form Agile
  • Information on what kind of teams can benefit from Agile strategies & the basics of Agile frameworks
  • Insights into the challenges of an Agile transformation

As a modern, iterative approach to software development & project management, Agile has gotten immensely popular over recent years. Agile promises to help deliver more value to customers faster, easier, and at lower costs – but only when used right.

This fundamental guide provides an overview of key terms and their definitions to help newcomers navigate the world of Agile. It helps you understand if Agile would work for you, and how you’ll benefit from this iterative & incremental approach.

Read this guide to understand the key building blocks of an Agile approach, its main benefits and challenges, and the different frameworks that you can apply in your own organization!


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