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Requirements Management Guide

Requirements management is a fundamental building block of all software projects. While that much is clear, there seems to be widespread confusion around even the most basic questions, such as “what are requirements?”. This eBook helps clear up misunderstandings, and provides a practical guide to managing requirements in an efficient and successful manner.

Requirements management addresses the challenges of managing a growing volume of data, and increasing complexity while providing complete traceability. Modern requirements management helps software development teams define and elaborate requirements that drive projects to success.

Requirements helps determine the aim and the future development processes of all projects, and making sure that all team members understand the development steps ahead.

Requirements can be anything from an abstract need to a well-described instruction, and they have many names depending on the software development methodology used. Regardless of what it’s named, requirements management is essentially a method that helps translate and transform business needs into products.

Our Requirements Management Guide helps you learn about:

  • The benefits of using requirements management tools vs. documents-based requirements management
  • Results of our “Maturity Levels of Requirements Engineering Survey” to show how companies implement Requirements Management and Requirements Engineering
  • Return on investment of requirements management tools to calculate costs and benefits
  • Experience report to show how codeBeamer’s features around requirements management can support your processes
  • A comparison of codeBeamer’s functionality around requirements compared to the abilities of other solutions on the market

Download Requirements Management Guide to increase your efficiency and revenue with requirements management.

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