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Experts Talk: ASPICE® and ISO26262 – Achieving Compliance in the Automotive Industry

experts-talk-aspice-and-iso26262-achieving-compliance-in-the-automotive-industry-2.pngThe realization of complex products for the automotive industry is a challenge.

Key topics for achieving compliance with ASPICE ® and ISO 26262 are traceability, data consistency and safety culture.

Ensuring compliance with the above while creating safe and mature development processes requires that we keep complexity as low as possible.

Join our experts as they describe the know-how of well-defined, mature processes that can help achieve traceability and consistency throughout your development lifecycle.

Our main topics will include:

  • Implementing mature processes in automotive development
  • Main item traceability & consistency
  • Compliance with ASPICE and ISO 26262 at the same time
  • Matching processes and work product delivery

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