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DOORS Closed: Migrating from IBM DOORS® to a Modern Requirements Management System

Requirements management is a fundamental activity of vital importance in the development of embedded software: the efficiency and accuracy of this process can affect the success of the entire development project. As part of a software suite that is the legacy solution in many large enterprises in the automotive and other sectors, IBM® Rational® DOORS® is one widely used tool for the management of requirements. However, due to its heavy architecture, “clunky” and overcomplicated ways, and high prices, some claim DOORS is definitely not the most agile, flexible, convenient, or efficient solution.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to modernize your requirements management activities by migrating to a modern requirements management system. This webinar shows you how integrated ALM can help you improve your requirements’ traceability, simplify their review & rating processes, and automatically link baselined requirements to test cases. The webinar also includes a live demonstration of codeBeamer ALM’s capabilities around requirements management, and its powerful DOORS import functionality.

The on-demand webinar’s agenda:

  1. Requirements in complex (embedded) software projects
  2. IBM DOORS: pros and cons
  3. Transitioning from DOORS to integrated ALM
  4. Modernizing your requirements management with codeBeamer ALM
  5. Live demo of codeBeamer’s features around requirements management

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