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xLM: Managing Interconnected, Overlapping Development Lifecycles

The development of modern IoT-connected products poses the challenge of integrated the separate, but parallel lifecycles of hardware manufacturing, software development, and service innovation. This pdf eBook helps understand, and better manage this challenge with the combination of a right management approach, and dedicated software tools.

The term ‘product’ is no longer used to refer to physical items only – increasingly, it means previously simple hardware products (such as cars, refrigerators, and so on) empowered by smart hardware components (microprocessors, memory modules, etc) and embedded software, with added connectivity components that allow these products to communicate with each other and with a central computing infrastructure. This enables developers to add never before seen functionality and innovative features to their products.

However, this change also comes with great challenges. Manufacturers that previously only had to worry about the quality of their physical end products now have to become adept at software development, as well as the innovation and management of smart services.

Basically, they need to be able to manage the various interconnected and overlapping lifecycles and development streams (hardware, software, service) that eventually all contribute to the same end product. While these are independent processes with their own characteristics and methodologies (hardware is usually developed with a Waterfall-type process, while software development increasingly uses Agile), they are intertwined and the teams working on them should collaborate closely.

The integration of these lifecycles is a new management and technical challenge faced by a growing number of companies in several industries. Ensuring an efficient overview, as well as the granular management of all processes is a difficult task. This paper explains how these various intertwined lifecycles may be managed, and how they can be brought under one roof using codeBeamer.

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