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DevOps Enterprise Guide

Due to its widespread benefits, DevOps has started becoming immensely popular in recent years. Understanding and implementing DevOps can still be challenging. This eBook helps make informed decisions about the implementation of DevOps.

Although not a new term, DevOps has only recently gained widespread recognition as a clear step towards a more Agile enterprise. Originating from the Agile development community, the group of concepts that DevOps represents has spread rapidly as the benefits of improved collaboration between Development and Operations teams and departments has become clear, bridging the gap and breaking down walls between these disciplines.

Our DevOps Enterprise Guide clears up the myths about DevOps, providing you with clear information about the basics of DevOps and its benefits. You can also read about scaling DevOps, and what features a decent DevOps tools should have.

Sneak peek: our DevOps Enterprise Guide includes the following chapters:

  • Short introduction of DevOps
  • Why and how is/was Development isolated from Operation?
  • DevOps: more than just the implementation of tools or processes
  • The benefits of DevOps
  • DevOps Practices & Tools
  • What features should DevOps tools have?

Download our DevOps Enterprise Guide to get answers to your questions and discover why codeBeamer is one of the most promising DevOps solutions.

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