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Experts Talk: Test Automation Utilizing Legacy Test Data
and Maintaining Safety-critical Compliance

Webinar Date Time Duration
Tuesday 24 Oct 2017 10:00 AM (CEST)
/ 1:00 AM (PST) / 4:00 AM (EST)
~60 minutes

What you can learn:


Meeting safety and regulatory requirements forces safety-critical developers to adopt increasingly rigorous Quality Assurance processes, and to implement advanced tools that enable this. Integrating existing test data in a new system doesn't have to be a disruptive process.

Learn from QA Systems and Intland Software experts how to save time and costs by automating testing processes, how to utilize your existing test data in a new ALM environment, and how to ensure traceability and compliance with safety-critical standards and regulations.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Connecting existing unit tests to your new ALM environment
  • Automatically generating requirements and test cases for unit testing
  • Ensuring traceability from requirement to unit tests automatically
  • Significantly reducing the risks, time, and costs of compliance.