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Replacing MS Office with Modern Requirements Management

Webinar Date Time Duration
Wednesday 10 May 2017 4:00 PM (CEST)
/ 10:00 AM (EST) / 7:00 AM (PST)
~30 minutes

What you can learn:

Word and Excel are available on almost every office computer, but that doesn't make them suitable for managing requirements. While still part of the legacy toolchain in many development teams, MS Office tools were not built to manage requirements, and their shortcomings can hurt the entire company's profitability. With the increasing sophistication of software products, more and more companies are realizing that they can no longer delay the implementation of modern requirements management tools and practices. This webinar will help you understand how a typical development environment can be streamlined using modern, mature requirements management tools and processes.

The webinar's agenda:

  1. Legacy requirements management processes & tools
  2. Drawbacks of an outdated RM toolchain
  3. What do modern RM tools offer?
  4. Data consistency: Word & Excel importing
  5. Live demo

Our webinar is intended for:

Business Analysts, CIOs, CTOs, Software Executives, Requirements Managers, Requirements Engineers, Project Managers, Software Developers and Architects

Intland Webinar: Replacing MS Office with Modern Requirements Management