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Automotive Functional Safety Compliance

The safety and reliability of software embedded in road vehicles is one of the key concerns of car manufacturers today. Download our eBook for insights into the future of the automotive industry, IoT challenges, and for help in complying with increasingly rigorous automotive standards & regulations.

Embedded technology increases the amount of data available, and companies have to be ready to gather and manage data, as well as to ensure data security in the development of IoT-connected & autonomous vehicles.

Download our eBook for insights including:

  • Automotive development trends: Increasing standards and complexity
  • Risk management and hazard analysis (ISO 26262, ASIL levels)
  • Requirements management in an embedded development environment
  • Functional safety compliance for ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE, and CMMI standards
  • Lean concept in automotive software development (Scrum and Kanban)
  • Requirements-based tests & Automated testing: Improve traceability and reliability
  • DevOps and ITIL: Enhance IT services and manage business risks

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